November 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Newfoundland! Thank you for prayers and gifts over the past month. As part of the body of Christ we know that ministry cannot be done alone, so we are thankful for each and every one of you who has partnered with us in ministry.

The past month has been a busy time of meeting with partners, doing presentations at women’s missionary prayer groups, children’s groups and churches, as well as preaching at a number of churches, including both Calvary Baptist Church and Emmanuel Chinese Church this past Sunday. At the same time I’ve been helping at TCCA from a distance, finalizing the timetable and course assignments for next term as well as setting the final exam for my Hebrew 3 students. One of my students wrote today asking what would be on the exam. He added: “Am scared and praying for the rapture”! I assured him that he had nothing to fear; in fact, he is one of my best students.

Overseas Council International (OCI) African Conference

Early in November I traveled to Nairobi, Kenya to attend a conference of the leading Evangelical theological schools from south and east Africa. About 50 leaders from 18 schools were in  attendance. The sessions focused on emerging paradigms in theological education and the challenges in leading for change. While the sessions were helpful, I was especially excited to meet leaders from schools across Africa, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa and elsewhere. I am certain that these new friendships will bear fruit in the future.

While I was traveling home from the conference I realized that my itinerary would take me across four continents in one day: from Nairobi (Africa), via Dubai (Asia) and London (Europe) to St. John’s (North America). If only the Apostle Paul had been able to move from place to place so quickly!

Upcoming Ministry Opportunities

This Friday, November 28, Kristina and I will return to Massachusetts. Our partner church in the area, North Quabbin Bible Church (NQBC), has organized meetings with several other churches in the area who are interested to learn more about us and our ministry. We will also get to worship at NQBC on Sunday. And of course we are eager to spend some more time with our new friends at NQBC! Please pray that these meetings will be fruitful.

The following Friday we travel to Goose Bay to spend the weekend with Northern Cross Community Church. Please pray that God will also bless our time of fellowship and sharing in Labrador – and that we will survive the cold temperatures!

Support Update

We are thankful for the one-time gifts and monthly commitments we received over the past month. We continue to pray that our remaining support needs will be met in time for our return to Zambia in January. Our current support needs are now:

  • $550 per month in on-going support
  • $9,000 in one-time support

Please contact us know if you have any questions about our support needs. If you would like to contribute to our ministry, please contact SIM Canada at 800-294-6918, or SIM USA at 800-521-6449. Our missionary  number is 033186.

Blessings in Christ,


Tim & Kristina Churchill