June 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Ndola! The seasons are different here in Zambia. The rainy season has just ended and, since we’re south of the equator, the temperatures are dropping. The sun is still strong during the day but the nights are noticeably cooler now. Things have been a little different at home recently, too. It’s been a joy to have John return to be with us for a few months, and we’ve enjoyed spending a few weeks with Cecilia, our first visitor from “away”.

A new term has begun at the Theological College of Central Africa. I taught an intensive course on Old Testament Exegesis during the last two weeks of May, and now I have a stack of papers waiting to be marked! The biggest reward from teaching is to see how my students are being prepared for ministry. In fact, one student shared with me how they have already used skills from the course in sermon preparation.

I am about to begin teaching a course on the last four books of the Pentateuch, having taught Genesis last term. I will also be facilitating a course on Logos Bible Software.

Here are two ways that you can be praying for TCCA. First, pray for physical health. Last term one student had to withdraw from TCCA for health reasons, and this term another student has been diagnosed with a serious condition that may require him to withdraw. Second, pray for safety on campus. We recently experienced a series of thefts, mainly of cash and electronics. My cell phone was stolen from my office desk, but thankful not my laptop which was right next to it. There was also a near accident involving a live wire that could have had tragic consequences. We give thanks to God that He has been watching over us in all of these circumstances, but we ask that you pray for His continued protection.

We are so thankful for all of the gifts we have received over the past month. God continues to provide for our needs in amazing ways through his people! Our support needs have increased recently, while our ongoing support has dropped off a little. Please pray that God will provide for our needs, as we know He will.

Blessings in Christ,


Tim & Kristina Churchill