October 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The weather is sizzling as we wait for the rainy season to begin in November. Despite the heat we’re all getting back into the school routine. We thank you for your prayers over the past month, as well as for your many financial gifts in support of our ministry here in Ndola.

Teaching at TCCA

I started teaching two courses in September, one on the book of Acts and the other a survey of the later New Testament books. Between the two I am fortunate to be teaching nearly every student at TCCA. These first few weeks have been enjoyable since I’m beginning to make meaningful connections with my students. There has been a learning curve for me as I begin to teach in Zambia. I’ve tried a number of different teaching methods in an attempt to discover what works best. I’ve also been seeking feedback from the students during class to find out what issues are relevant for Zambia, and have adjusted the class content “on the fly” to emphasize or discuss their concerns.

There have already been many rewarding experiences. For example, I’ve enjoyed watching my students participate in group discussions, and especially as they together draw out some amazing truths from God’s word. Last week I had a very meaningful conversation with a student as he handed in a paper. He shared that the assignment had really stretched his mind. He then told me some of the insights he’d learned about God’s character and the truth of the gospel. Moments like this are so inspiring!

Back to School

As I started teaching at TCCA, Kristina began homeschooling Anna, Sarah, and Katie. It was good to see the girls back to work after having so much free time since we moved – although I’m not sure they’d agree!


The past month hasn’t always been easy; we’ve had our share of frustrations:

  • Since Kristina is concerned about keeping everything clean, she’s been frustrated by how quickly everything becomes covered in dirt. Dry dust from outside ends up making every indoor surface dirty within hours, not to mention clothes, which means that the cleaning never stops.
  • We also had a problem with a valve in our water system which left us without water for nearly a week.
  • Kristina and I have had trouble getting a full night’s sleep due to a pack of wild dogs that passes by our gate every hour or so throughout the night, howling and barking at our dogs.
  • Our dogs have caused problems of their own, as they enjoy eating many of the new trees and flowers we’ve planted in our garden.
  • It’s been difficult for the girls especially to make new friends, although they have begun to meet more kids their age and have started to attend extra-curricular activities now that school has started.
  • And of course we all miss John, along with the rest of our family and friends.

Support Update

We remain 8% short of our monthly budget, or about $600/month. Please pray that God will provide for this need.

Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for us as we minister here in Ndola:

  • For our spiritual well-being (Matthew 6:13)
  • For Kristina as she homeschools our girls
  • For John as he studies in St. John’s
  • For me as I teach at TCCA
  • For our fellow SIM Zambia missionaries who minister throughout this country
  • For God’s blessings on TCCA as several staff members depart over the coming months

May the Lord richly bless you as you call on Him (Romans 10:12).

Blessings in Christ,


Tim & Kristina Churchill