September 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As we stood in the reception area at the Ndola clinic waiting for the results of Katie’s blood test, Kristina remarked that this has been the most difficult summer in her life. It certainly has been for each of us. Yet we know that God uses the circumstances of life to teach us to trust in Him (James 1:2-5), even though we are often slow to recognize it.

John Back on “the Rock”

The month began with John’s return to Newfoundland. Our emotional farewell at Ndola International Airport was made even more difficult by an extremely unhelpful airline worker. As we stood in line with several other passengers, she assured us repeatedly that someone would come to check us in. Eventually someone came, only to inform us that the flight had closed. But we were able to purchase a ticket for a later flight, and John did make his connection in Johannesburg. Thank you to all who prayed for his safe return. Even though there is an empty chair at our table in Ndola now, we take comfort in knowing that John is with my parents, has a church family and many other friends who will take care of him for us, and most especially our God who is near to John wherever he is (Psalm 145:17-20).

Finally Settled

After waiting day-to-day for many weeks we have finally moved in to our new house. The wait was well worth it. The house is on a large plot located right across the street from TCCA. The house itself is open and bright, with room enough for us all.  The mosquito nets are up and the girls have finally decided who gets which room. We are still in the process of getting familiar with our new home as we unpack and arrange our belongings.

Malaria Strikes Katie

On the day we moved we also experienced our family’s first case of malaria. Katie had begun to run a high fever, in the afternoon so we brought her to a clinic just a minute down the street. The quick test for malaria came back negative, but the blood smear tested positive. You can imagine our shock as the doctor gave us the news. But God is good, and we are thankful that Katie responded well to the treatment. After three days she was retested and the results were negative. She still feels tired but is on the mend. We are grateful for all the prayers that were offered on her behalf. We know that many were praying for her, and Katie was especially encouraged by the dozens and dozens of messages that we received.

Preparing to Teach

At long last I am about to begin lecturing at TCCA. I will be teaching two courses starting in September. One is on the book of Acts; the other, a survey of the New Testament from Acts through Revelation. Teaching the students at TCCA is the reason we moved to Zambia, so I am very excited to begin this ministry. At the same time Kristina is preparing to start home-schooling the girls, so everyone will be studying again soon – whether they like it or not!

Support Update

We recently received our new support budget which begins in October. The most significant change is for new ministry-related expenses we will incur in Ndola over the coming year. This leaves us 8% short of our monthly budget, or about $600/month. We also have an urgent need for the shortfall in our SIM account. Our one-time setup costs have exceeded the original estimates, and we have had some additional expenses related to home security and preparing to teach at TCCA. Our account is currently about $5,000 short. Please pray that God will provide the remaining ongoing and one-time support we need to continue our ministry here in Zambia.

In conclusion, we are once again overwhelmed to know how many of you are praying for us. Know that God has used your prayers and messages of encouragement to bring us through the times of uncertainty. Without you, our partners, we would not be able to minister here in Zambia.

May the Lord bless each of you richly as you call on Him (Romans 10:12).

Blessings in Christ,


Tim & Kristina Churchill