August 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It’s been more than a month since we left St. John’s for Zambia. We are continually amazed by how God has provided for our needs through your generous gifts and prayers. We are thankful for your partnership in our ministry here in Ndola.

Please pray for Kristina as she waits patiently for the renovations on our house to finish. We have been staying at a the Evangelical Church of Zambia’s guesthouse in Ndola for the past few weeks, and at the SIM guesthouse in Lusaka for the weeks before that. It has been hard get settled when most of our belongings are still in Lusaka, when we need to rely on the generosity of others for simple things like doing laundry. Pray that Kristina will continue to make friends and build relationships with people at TCCA and through church.

Please pray for Anna, Sarah, and Katie. The girls had made friends with some of the SIM missionary kids in Lusaka, but there are fewer missionary families in Ndola so it has been difficult to find friends for them. Please pray that we will soon get settled in our new house so they can have a place of their own and not have to share beds.

Please pray for John as he returns to St. John’s at the beginning of August. Pray that he will have a safe trip back, and that he will have success in his studies this year. Pray that God will prosper him as he begins a new phase of life on his own. Pray for our family as we are separated for the first time.

Please pray for Tim as he prepares to begin teaching at TCCA in September. Pray that Tim will be a blessing for his students, and also for the school as TCCA faces a number of challenges related to enrollment, staffing, and funding. Pray for wisdom as Tim seeks to lead his family through this difficult time of transition.

Once again we thank you for all your prayers. We pray that God would bless you even as you have been a blessing to us.

Blessings in Christ,


Tim & Kristina Churchill