October 2011 Newsletter

Dear Partners and Friends,

We give thanks for your prayers and support during the month of September. More than 130 people have partnered to pray for us, and 76% of our monthly support has been promised.

Here are the latest news highlights:

  • We are now partners in mission with West End Baptist Church in St. John’s. Special thanks to Pastor Gordon Sutherland and Mrs. Gudrun Williams for their efforts in making this happen.
  • Our Commissioning Service was held at Calvary Baptist Church on September 18. It was truly a time of blessing as we formalized the bonds of partnership with our home church and with SIM, our sending mission. Special thanks to Jim Longworth and Dr. Frank Guinta for helping to make the service a special time of blessing. Video highlights are available on our website: www.timothychurchill.com/SIM (login “tim”, password “kristina”).
  • We are thankful for the warm reception we received during presentations in St. John’s at the Presbyterian Atlantic Mission Society and at Faith Bible Chapel. We pray that the seeds sown during these events will continue to bear fruit in the future.
  • In mid-September our budget was revised to reflect changes for 2012, and to accommodate John’s education expenses as he attends Memorial University (see our blog for more information). Our monthly budget increased by just over $600. Our current support level, which was at 83% of the old budget, is at 76% of the revised budget. This change was frustrating since we thought we were so close to booking our tickets. But we are confident that God will provide for all our needs, including the recent increase.

Here are some prayer requests for the coming month (our website has more items for prayer):

  • Pray that people who have seen our presentations will respond in partnership
  • Pray that God will open doors for future presentations

Blessings in Christ,


Tim & Kristina Churchill