Emma’s Picture

Last Sunday after the service a little girl gave us this picture she’d drawn during the sermon. Emma is only six but she’s been really interested in our plans to move to Zambia. During a question and answer time with the whole church a few months ago Emma asked the most interesting questions. So it was very, very special to get this drawing from her.

Here’s what she said in the picture in case the scan isn’t clear enough:

Dear Churchills

I hope you have a good trip to Zambia when you go.


Love Emma ☺

And here’s the whole picture:


Emma's Picture
Emma’s Picture


Thank you so much Emma!

In other news, our June newsletter is now available if you haven’t seen it yet. June is shaping up to be very busy, so please pray that God will bless all the upcoming events. I also plan to post a new video about Zambia next week starring Anna, Sarah, and Katie.