September Update

I’ve been waiting to get our tickets before posting an update. I was expecting them any day since about mid-August. Unfortunately it took a little longer than I’d hoped…

Tickets Are Booked

Yes, we have our tickets for the November trip (finally!). We’re scheduled to depart St. John’s at 6 AM on Saturday, October 30, arriving in Addis Ababa at 7 PM on Sunday. We’ll spend a week at EGST in Addis, then travel to Ndola the following Saturday. After a week at TCCA we fly home November 13-14 via Lusaka, Addis Ababa, Rome, Washington, and Montreal (ouch). After months of anticipation it’s starting to feel very real now.

A Generous Gift

We couldn’t make this trip without a generous gift we received last month. Special thanks to those who gave – praise God for his provision!

Lots of Needles

In preparation for the trip we’ve been back and forth to the Jema International Travel Clinic getting our vaccinations updated. We didn’t experience any unusual side-effects (except for a few sore arms and a fever).

News from the Atlantic Baptist Convention

I attend Oasis, the annual gathering for the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches, in Sackville, NB from August 18-20. I’d been praying that God would help me to make some contacts at the convention. On Thursday afternoon during a time of worship and prayer I prayed specifically that God would help me to make one meaningful contact. That evening I was (re)introduced to Elias, a pastor who is originally from Zambia and who attended TCCA for a year or two. It was great to talk to Elias about TCCA, and to see how God answers prayer.

Calvary Update

Last Sunday morning I was invited to give a ministry update at my home church. Here’s a PDF of the presentation. Warning: it’s not very exciting compared to the website!